Business Sectors

Agro Inc was founded on a performance ethic pegged on value creation through an expansion of the economic opportunities in the agricultural sector in Liberia and the greater region. Our rural presence has been successful at increasing agricultural productivity, enhancing value-added processing, and increasing commercialization through market-driven growth and development.

As an essential link between farmers and consumers, Agro Inc’s activities target the whole agricultural value chain: from input distribution to agricultural production, processing, storage, transportation, and trade. Our plantation estates include oil palm, natural rubber, and cassava. Additionally, we have a growing value chain presence in plantation timber, biomass energy, and phosphate fertilizer.

Through our agricultural consulting service, we offer technical support, project solutions and management, capacity building, and policy advice to both agricultural value chain actors and to national and international policymakers impacting agricultural development. Key policy advocacy and support has included development of market information systems, promoting greater intra-regional trade, and linking farmers to input and output markets.

Agro Inc is a leader in managing the supply chains of agricultural and food products in the Mano River Union sub-region. Our origination activities – where we buy from the lowest level of aggregation and as close to the farm gate as possible – has led us to design and manage one of the most efficient hub-and-spoke distribution systems among local agro-industrial firms. Storage and processing facilities are combined with up-country logistics to provide Agro Inc a strategic advantage in providing post-harvest services and in the distribution of farm inputs.