Cultures & Values

Our Mission at Agro Inc is to increase the productivity and profitability of smallholder agriculture through the development of competitive and sustainable agricultural value chains linking farmers to markets. Our Penta Values statement appears below:

Customer Focus: We are customer centered, providing unparalleled levels of service and high quality agro-products as a means of protecting and building our business franchise over time.

Shareholder Focus: We have a relentless focus on growth, with an aim to increase earnings annually. Diversifying our base of earnings enables us to prosper under difficult market conditions.

Community Focus: We have a development orientation, but with deep local roots in every market where we operate. We take a leadership role in poverty reduction and make each community a better place because we are there.

Technology Focus: We focus on innovation, seamlessly integrating new technologies and processing techniques to add value across multiple platforms in the supply chain.

Employee Focus: We maintain a merit based environment where entrepreneurial thinking is fostered and decision-making is streamlined by an open-door management style.