Leadership Team

Corporate Governance

Agro Inc is committed to the sound principles of corporate governance and strives for the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Good corporate governance means responsible and transparent management, and is essential to securing the trust of investors, employees, customers and business partners. It ensures compliance with legislation and regulations, and is vital to our long-term business success.

Board of Directors

Agro Inc’s Board of Directors oversees the company’s business and is responsible for approving long-term strategy and driving shareholder value. The Board is composed of a mix of executive and non-executive directors who meet regularly to review Agro Inc’s plans, capital budgets and operating results. The Board believes that the principles of corporate governance provide a solid framework to support them in upholding their responsibilities, while ensuring that the appropriate risk management processes are in place.

Management Team

Agro Inc’s management team is composed of high-caliber executives who bring leading-edge skill and decades of experience in the food and agro-industrial sectors. They set Agro Inc’s overall direction and are responsible for all major strategic, financial, and operational decisions. The management team pursues all strategic priorities in order to achieve corporate objectives and maximize shareholder value.