Partners & Support

Agro Inc is recognized throughout the industry for our passionate leadership in the sectors in which we operate and for our dedication to strong business partnerships. We are committed to developing mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and distributors – locally and internationally. We believe in nurturing close partnerships by creating working relationships that are based on trust. With our expanding production sites, we are well placed to source and supply goods and services to the worldwide marketplace.

Because of our strong presence in regional agricultural value chains, we are constantly seeking investment and partnership opportunities to increase our capacity. One of the ways we achieve this is to form viable equal partnerships, as an investment strategy and as a means to effectively compete and capitalize on market demands. Locally, Agro Inc has also contributed equity and financing to projects that are at the intersection of community needs and our business interests.

At Agro Inc, we believe that the best chance for poverty reduction and rural development will come by giving African farmers the opportunity to compete in an increasingly commoditized, global economy. We work constantly to integrate local farmers in the underpinning agricultural value-chains and our intra-Africa regional trade focuses. We invest in projects and programs that promote social development, build human capacities, and address host government priorities for investments. Our goal through these initiatives is to intertwine our business model with making meaningful social impact in the communities within which we operate.

In line with this philosophy, we have built long term relationships with our farm-level suppliers comprising mostly of smallholder farmers and village-level associations. In addition to post-harvest marketing, storage, and distribution, we have also provided direct farm inputs, advice to improve farming practices, fair and transparent pricing, and regular market updates. This has had a positive long-term impact on economic and environmental development and standards of living, sometimes helping entire regions to increase agricultural productivity and economic performance.