MRU Industries

Through MRU Industries, Agro Inc nurtures gestating businesses to full potential, incubates new engines for future growth and responsibly divests non-core assets.

LibPhosCo, Ltd.

Through a 50:50 joint venture, Agro Inc holds equity interest in the only known commercial-grade phosphate deposit among Mano River Union countries. The phosphorus contained in phosphate rock is one of three essential plant minerals – along with nitrogen and potassium – critical to sustaining increased agricultural yields for the viability commercial agriculture and food security initiatives worldwide. Of these three nutrients, only phosphate is a finite, non-renewable resource which cannot synthesized. Phosphate deposits are rare, and known deposits are being depleted at an accelerated rate to support a growing world population. Agro Inc has a growing internal demand for phosphate rock and phosphate-derived fertilizers for use in cultivation expansion, and management of its oil palm and rubber plantation estates.

LibPhosCo will mine and market an initial minimum proven resource of 1.5 million tons of reactive phosphate rock. The average phosphate grade contains 28-32% phosphorus pentoxide, and characterization tests indicate that the LibPhosCo phosphate deposit meets or exceeds market specifications for beneficiation, solubility and granulation. The mined product can be used as either a phosphate component for blended NPK fertilizer, diammonium phosphate, or as a low cost direct application fertilizer. Primary regional markets for LibPhosCo products are fertilizer blending companies in Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, and Liberia.

MRU Energy, Ltd.

MRU Energy is an independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, delivering long-term value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies. The company, in which Agro Inc holds 100% equity interest, was born out of the additionality opportunities to provide sustainable energy solutions from agricultural biomass and plantation timber, including waste-to energy solutions, biogas/biomass cogeneration power plants, rubberwood chips, and utility poles and pilings from suitable plantation timber. One of the region’s fastest growing renewable asset developers, MRU Energy produced biogas is used to generate electricity for internal use at Agro Inc factories, while biomass briquettes and rubberwood chips are exported to the EU and North America markets. Wood-based utility poles are supplied to power and distribution companies in Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.