Seeds & Inputs

Agro Inc first gained experience in supplying seeds and inputs as a result of our outgrower programs surrounding the company’s nucleus oil palm estates. Our proprietary farmer starter packages (FSP) contain a combination of seedlings, fertilizer, and herbicides sufficient for a typical small-holder plot of land. Our extraordinary success lies not simply in our physical presence up-country and our innovative approach to business, but in our belief in partnerships, enabled by the close and productive relationships that we foster and develop with growers and suppliers.


Agro Inc has developed a partnership with RDG Enterprises for the expansion of the company’s seed program. The intent of the venture is to develop and market certified crop seeds produced under contract by an established producer network. Proprietary seed varieties are used, having been developed and bred at the company’s own research stations through vigorous market orientated research and breeding programs.
Other Inputs
Using our strong value chain presence and solid supplier partnerships in Central America and West Africa, Agro Inc offers contract procurement of low cost chemical, animal health and fertilizer supplies. Our extensive range includes quality herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, wetters and adjuvants. We can also supply bulk and 1T bagged urea, MAP, and DAP and Single Super. We can use our regional network of warehouses to store products prior to on-farm delivery by the contracting agency.